Computer Network Technician Job Description

To make sure that each employee in the organization has proper access to the resources in the computer system and to accomplish their tasks, the systems are connected in network. 

Connecting the system in network thus wants help in reducing the expenses on the resources that are used in the computer systems.

Computer Network Technician Job Description

However, a minor technical problem or fault within a single computer system can lead to breakdown of the entire network. A network technician helps in establishing and maintaining a network among the computer systems. To know more about a network technician job description, you can read further.

A network technician is also called as network specialist. While installing these networks, a network technician should understand the company standards and their data integrity standards. A network technician should therefore know the budget and purpose of using computer systems by the company.

Computer Network Technician Job Description

The responsibilities of network technician will help you know more about a network technician's work profile.

Duties and Responsibilities:

 Establish network amongst the system as per the guidance and design specification given by the network manager or network admin

• Understand the requirements of the organization and report the need for change or up-gradation in the network to the manger

•Troubleshoot all kinds of network and peripheral issues and all kinds of network connectivity problems

•Install and upgrade systems with virus protection software, spyware, firewall protection software, etc.

•Collect regular statistics from end-users of every system and make sure that there is no exploitation of the company resources

•Train the employees about the efficient use of resources and protect the server from excessive load

•Collect the specifications of each system and maintain a record of the same which can help to troubleshoot easily

•Supports help desk analysts by designing the help desk support system installations

Computer Network Technician Job Description

Technical Skills:

•Knowledge of basic and advanced client-side and server-side operating systems

•Expertise in networking technologies like LAN, MAN, WAN and peripheral devices

•Should have sound knowledge of routers, switches, hubs, fiber optics and other technical stuff used in Establishing networks

•Competent with the software technologies and virus protection software systems

Key skills:

•Skilled at understanding and understanding the networks and the networks as per the specifications

•Should have good verbal and written communication skills along with sound understanding of technical jargons

• Motivating and should have team spirit and strive to meet the set targets within time

•Excellent logical skills, mathematical and technical skills

Computer Network Technician Job Description
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