Do not casually overtake right to do so careful to do so...

Do not casually overtake right to do so careful to do so Car people certainly have some understanding of the cross cheap nike dunk shoes, but how many people really understand the rules of the rules of law? Such as overtaking this matter cheap nike shoes online, the interpretation of cross-examination with the little partner is completely different, the right overtaking is even more different, then in the end what is called right overtaking? Why do you want to pay so? The following for you to explain the little partner on the right side of the true meaning of overtaking! Overtaking, we all know, is not the car than before the car? In fact, now we first read the cross in the cross in the law. Traffic regulations in the 'overtaking' refers to the same lane after the car driving beyond the same direction of the car, and overtaking before and after the car has always been in the original lane. That is, after the car overtaking, and the line back to the original lane. In the cross in the vehicle only completed the entire set of action cheap nike air max 2017, can really belong to 'overtaking', not the car than the car so simple. Find out the legal definition of overtaking, let's talk about the legal meaning of 'right overtaking'. Crossing the right side of the law refers to the same lane after the car cheap air jordan mens, and to the right lane, beyond the front car, and then back to the original lane. This is a violation. And the location of the car after the change is to determine whether the 'right overtaking' key factors, if the car before and after the car over the distance in the original lane is overtaking far away, then can not be set as 'right overtaking.' Said so much, in the end which overtaking way is not illegal? 1. The car on the right lane, the car over the left lane. 2. In the same lane after driving the car to the right lane, and then beyond the front car. Because beyond the vehicle before the vehicle did not return to the original drive, so it is not the right overtaking. 3. The vehicle on the right lane goes beyond the car on the left lane and then enters the same road as the left lane vehicle, because the two cars are not in a lane, so this is not the right. Now Xiaopen friends are aware of what is 'right overtaking' it! This erupted on the road after you can completely avoid the rules overtaking, of course, in the event of a traffic accident will not be someone else flicker. So why cross the law to prohibit the right overtaking it? Small partners think about it, our country is on the right driving, in other words the left side of the general overtaking space, and the right overtaking will be easy to hit pedestrians, security risks. China's car steering wheel are on the left, the driver wants to overtake from the right, it must be staggered with the car in front to see whether it can overtake, which also increased the security risks, and from the left overtaking, In the case of observation can overtake. It is because the steering wheel on the left side, so the scope of the right side of the rearview mirror to see the range than the left to see a much smaller range, the right overtaking, if the overtaking did not observe the vehicle is overtaking, suddenly encountered what the situation And gave the foot oil, the results will be hit in all likelihood. On the contrary, the left side of the overtaking, even if not see the rearview mirror, the driver was overtaking to know someone overtaking, the safety factor is much larger cheap nike free shoes. Now we understand why the rules and regulations can not be overturned right of the bar. But no matter how rich the little partner driving experience, driving on the road do not grab each other, overtaking must see if enough to overtake the conditions, and then hit the lights, press the horn, if necessary, open high light signal, beyond Return to the original lane, but also observe the rearview mirror, to ensure a safe distance with the car to maintain. As a car, Xiao Bian feel do not vindictive, for their own and others' lives safe, as far as possible with the overtaking, people are already convenient, or lose everything, who will not be happy! The text has ended, you can press alt + 4 to comment
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