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Floor shop is good or bad, the basis of the material, the installation is the key, the so-called three-point floor seven installation, installation process is good,cheapest outside cladding in south africa the floor naturally flat and beautiful. Therefore, pay attention to the following matters when laying floors.

The floor treatment of the floor should be done well. If the ground environment is relatively humid, in addition to being well-prepared for water repellent treatment,mobile homes with roof deck it should also be treated with waterproof materials such as pearl cotton or aluminum foil to ensure that the floor is dry before applying the glue to the floor.

The moisture-proof floor mat is a layer between the floor and the floor. It plays a role of moisture prevention and balance in laying the floor. There are many types of floor mats, such as aluminum floor mats, special plastic floor mats, and paper floor mats. You need to select the type of floor mat according to your actual situation. When laying floor mats,composite decking with swing it should be noted that the floor mats must be laid flat and do not have empty drums; and the floor mats must be firmly bonded to the ground. Do not glue only around the floor mats. This will seriously affect the moisture resistance of the floor. Features.

When the floor is installed, shrink joints should be reserved. In addition to the floor and the wall, about 1cm floor expansion joints should be reserved. The gaps between the floors must also be reserved. Usually, the gap is not more than 1mm. When floors with high density are laid,composite decking 4x4 post sleeve wholesaleeach block should have a clearance of 0.4mm to prevent deformation of the arches in the future. Between the solid wood floor to leave expansion joints, reserved for the wet season wood floor expansion space, multi-layer solid wood flooring and laminate flooring can be seamlessly spliced.

After the floor is plastered, the floor can be cleaned and the floor lacquer can be painted and polished. This step of applying floor paint is necessary. The floor paint has a good protective effect on the floor. Because the floor is often stepped on,inexpensive decking materials italy it is easy to get dirty and scratched. Floor paint can increase the hardness of the floor surface and prevent damage to the floor.

Every day, the floor is subjected to the pressure of walking. It is more easily damaged than walls and ceilings, and the wooden floor is easily wet. Therefore, the protection of the floor after laying can not be ignored, and the proper protection of the floor after laying can be improved. A good extension of the floor life and moisture-proof effect.